The need for enhanced and expanded investor relations programs by Greek companies has never been greater. Now that the Greek stock market has been up-graded by Morgan Stanley from emerging to developed market status, Greece is no longer a "big fish in a small pond". To attract international investor interest and participation in their shareholder base, Greek companies need to expand the scale and enhance the sophistication of their investor relations programs. More specifically, they need to 1) enhance their financial disclosure and reporting practices to meet the expectations of sophisticated investors; 2) to expand the scale and improve the quality of the flow of information towards existing and potential investors; 3) to organize and execute effective campaigns to solicit investor participation and 4) to follow-up and maintain these efforts on an on-going basis, because building an international shareholder base is a long-term effort, not a one shot affair.

Our mission at Hellas Capital is to assist Greek publicly traded companies to:

  • Up-grade and revamp their financial disclosure and reporting practices to meet the demanding standards expected by North American institutional investors, analysts and regulators;
  • Assist them in setting up and developing world-class investor relations programs aimed at international sophisticated investors;
  • Conceive, develop and execute well targeted investor relations campaigns aimed at reaching investment analysts, portfolio managers and institutional investors;
  • Organize and arrange meetings with institutional investors, analysts, portfolio managers and brokers across major centers in North America;
  • Organize seminars and information campaigns aimed at the Greek communities of North America;
  • Improve communication with current shareholders and establish channels of communication with potential investors;
  • Encourage more North American analysts and institutions to initiate coverage of Greek companies;
  • Raise awareness and enhance their corporate profile amongst institutional and retail investors;
  • Supply information to journalists and media organizations encourage improved media coverage and reporting of Greek companies and dissemination of Greek economic news.
  • Provide them with North American market intelligence and investor feedback.

On your left click on pictures taken from our 1st Investment Seminar on the Greek Stock Market, held on March 24, 1999 at the Montreal Inter-Continental Hotel. Speakers were Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos, Consul General of Greece to Montreal; Mrs. Smaragda Economou, Economic and Commercial Counsillor of Greece to Canada; Kenneth Matziorinis, President, Hellas Capital and Emmanuel Varsos, Managing Director, Investment Analysis, S.A. The seminar was the most successful investment seminar on Greece ever held in Canada, attended by more than 200 individuals.